Green Swordtail Species Guide:

The Green Swordtail is a Species of aquarium fish that really stands out in the livebearer “swordtail” crowd. The loud vibrant colors really gives it that magical touch that people love to see in their fish aquariums. It holds all the same habitat characteristics as other Swordtail species besides the coloration difference and it’s growth size.

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These fish are from North and Central America but also moving towards other countries like Mexico. A lot like Guppy fish, the Swordtails reproduce at crazy numbers and have been thought of as “harmful” to certain enviroments. Guppies and other Livebearing fish are sometimes referred to as the “Million fish” because of how rapidly they reproduce. Like other Swordtails, the female Green Swordtail does not have the actual “sword” on the tail fin.

Like mentioned before, the Green Swordtail grows larger than most other species of Swordtails. This species can grow up to around 6 inches long which is saying a lot when compared to most other swordtails. These fish have a yellow/orange coloration with streaks of green. You will not see two fish that look totally alike and that’s why it’s difficult to describe their appearance via words.

Swordtails in Aquariums

Taking care of livebearers like the Green Swordtail is a beginner level fish. As long as you have a descent size aquarium, your fish are going to thrive. You also want to make sure that your tank is established and cycled with beneficial bacteria.  Too many beginners add their brand new fish to their “brand new” aquarium. Do some research on cycling fish aquariums to make sure your tank is safe and ready for fish.

Finding tank mates or roommates isn’t difficult with Swordtails. They are a very well mannered fish that tend to keep aggression out of the mix. At maximum they are going to chase other fish and nip at fins but that’s as harmful as they get. A very playful fish at that.

When buying Swordtails or livebearing fish you should try to buy sets of three together. They tend to do a lot better if they have some company. You can keep them with other livebearers like guppies, mollies, and female bettas and so forth. Gourami fish do very well with most livebearer fish too.

Breeding and Baby Fry

When keeping Livebearer fish, you will quickly learn that they breed frequently. One single female can give birth up to three different occasions from the same sperm being held for multiple occasions. And to add to that, a female can lay up to 300 babies at one birth. These fish can really breed at rapid levels and hold up to their nickname the “million fish”.

One factor that helps control the large amounts of babies being produced is the fact that these fish eat their own babies. As soon as the baby fry are released from the body, they become a tasty meal. Some people find it disturbing but it’s somewhat helpful when you run a fish aquarium because the birth numbers would over populate a tank in little time.

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